Visual Storyteller & Creative Marketeer

Hi! My name is Nikky and I’m a Visual Storyteller & Creative Marketeer. I’ve got experience as a Director of Photography, Art Director, Digital Content Designer & allround Marketeer. In a nutshell, I love telling (your) stories in a creative way!



‘fast learner, capable worker and a brilliant young woman’

I’m so happy you stumbled into the lobby to make a copy of your resume that one night! It’s been such a pleasure working with you and learning how to run this place together.

Marla Gomes Casseres, Bed & Bike Curaçao

Nikky distinguished herself as a fast learner, capable worker and a brilliant young woman. During this time we have seen Nikky grow in her confidence and knowledge in social media, marketing and design in-house materials. The management team has always been satisfied with her work attitude and results.

Wilfred Hendriksen, Restaurant & Café Gouverneur de Rouville

Nikky has demonstrated good qualities and interest in her job and is dependable, efficient, focused and cooperative. It is without hesitation that I recommend Nikky. She would be an asset to any marketing program.

Debipersad Rinesh, Curaçao Ostrich Farm

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Creative Writing

Prague Travelogue: The One Week Experience

Prague is a one of a kind city. You can find this mesmerizing capital in the heart of Czech Republic. It’s not a too crowded travel destination, often easily overlooked while booking. I’d never been before, but I wished I’d discover it sooner! Prague is definetaly one of Europe’s hidden gems – a must visit […]

African Night at the Curaçao Ostrich Farm

One of Curaçao’s most unique experiences I’ve had so far is at the Curaçao Ostrich Farm. Every Friday they host their Great African Night Special – and oh my, Fridays are indeed for the adventurous! Two out of the ordinary tours, a selection of the cutest & most peculiar animals […]

Life’s a beach: the Curaçao ‘Vitamin Sea’ guide

Some places have historical low temperatures as we speak. That means the world can use an update on summer vibes! Here is a list of my favorite Curaçao beaches, for whoever is in need of that extra bit of Vitamin Sea. Are you traveling through the Caribbean? Awesome! This guide […]

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