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Are you in the MOOD?

With it’s Grand Opening right around the corner – this Saturday – it’s time to review one of Curaçao’s more exclusive beach experiences. Here is a sneak peek into what a day at Mood Beach is like.

First of all you will be amazed by its ambiance. With their Bohemian style they really ‘set the mood’ and it gives a Pinterest worthy vibe.

The beach itself gives you 2 choices. You have their bamboo roofed gazebos and premium beds. The premium beds itself lay like heaven, and you’ll get towels and service with it as well. The beach has not been overfilled with beds – as are most of the other beach bars on Mambo – which makes it a lot more exclusive and way more relaxing.

📸 by Niekartistiek

You can enter the ocean by stairs or by jumping right in of the dock. I also have to mention their showers. The water comes out of the palm trees (!) which gives it an unique experience.

Right next to the beach area there’s a wooden deck where you can sit on comfortable lounge chairs or sit at a table looking over the ocean.

📸 by Niekartistiek

Let’s talk about the food. THEIR FOOD. Oh my, it is so good. With all natural products you can taste its quality. I also like their quite unique menu: no basic or classic cocktails but homemade original ones & even the bites are with a twist. Think of Truffel Cheefsefritters or Tuna Bitterbals – a bitterbal is a Dutch delicacy normally stuffed with meat ragout – and so much more.

For lunch I had their Caribbean Mood which is a farmers bread sandwich with salmon, goat cheese and a mango – passion fruit chutney. Their menu provides a lot of seafood and the food itself is a bit more elegant & luxurious than what you can get at a regular beach bar.

📸 by Niekartistiek

Mood Beach really made it into my most favorite beach experiences here on Curaçao. With their fine expertise in food, original cocktails & just that little bit of extra it makes sure you’ll enjoy your more exclusive beach day at Mambo Beach.

Are you in the Mood? I sure as hell am.


35 replies on “Are you in the MOOD?”

How wonderful. Curacao is not usually known for it’s because because when cruise ships arrive or if people are staying down in the town they can’t see them. It desperately needed a new beach club and this one looks great!

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Great article with fantastic pictures. I think the Mood Sandwich would be right down my alley. I’ll have to see if Norwegian goes there because that’s my cut.

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I really miss summer and beach days! I’m huddled right now under tow big blankets and wearing heaps of sweaters and try my best to stay miles away from water otherwise I’ll end up with swolen fingers lol.
Dear summer, Come back fast ♥

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