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Ready for the Seabob adventure?

Traveling to the Caribbean & want to take your snorkeling trip to the next level? Go on a Seabob adventure! With your personal submarine you’ll dive into the ocean & discover its treasures. These eco-friendly underwater scooters are just so much fun!

This weekend was all about having a good time. New experiences are a perfect way to do so! At Tugboat Beach we met with Andy Max from Seabob Curacao to go on this adventure.

📸 by SeaBob Curacao

As mentioned before, a Seabob is basically a mini submarine. You hold on tight while you cruise through the water. Above the water you can easily reach 15 KM/H & when you dive under a good 11 KM/H. Talk about a fast dive!

At Tugboat Beach we began our journey. It’s a popular snorkel & dive spot here on the island. And for a good reason! You may have guessed it: in its depths you can find the sunken tugboat. It is surrounded by creatures of the sea. So many fish! With the Seabob it was easy to get to the bottom real quick & to see all of this underwater world up close. Out of breath? Put the Seabob at maximum speed and speed out of the water! Felt like a dolphin going for an air jump.

📸 by SeaBob Curacao

From the Tugboat we took our underwater tour towards the coral reefs. Gorgeous spots I hadn’t seen on the island yet! Between here and Director’s Bay you’ll see so many beautiful things. Colorful coral, fish & nothing else around you than the ocean itself.

For safety reasons the Seabob’s are manually put on a maximum of 2.5 meters depth. But if you’re just as used to go into the water as us, you can easily let it be altered so you can dive deeper – just don’t forget to clear your ears!

📸 by SeaBob Curacao

The tour takes about an hour. We had so much fun on this tour! It gives a whole new dimension to the underwater world, no diving experience needed. It’s fast, it’s fun & a new adventure which I would recommend for sure.

They have a second tour as well, located at Playa Piscado. Here you can do the Seabob tour while swimming with sea turtles & seeing the Neptunus underwater statue. If you want to read more about these sea turtle spots on Curacao, check out my previous Sea Turtle Hotspots post.

Big thanks to Seabob Curacao for this cool underwater adventure!

📸 by SeaBob Curacao

31 replies on “Ready for the Seabob adventure?”

This kind of water diving craft is also new to me. I have not heard about it before. Looks like a total blast and allows you to see more underwater sights including all kinds of fish than simple snorkeling would do. Anywhere in the Caribbean is beautiful!

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How fun is this?! My husband snorkels and is really comfortable underwater. Me on the other hand, not so much. I don’t mind the water, per se, and can swim, but the underground universe is foreign to me. I just love the idea of these cute little Seabobs to guide you. What happens though if you let go? Does the Seabob find its way back home? More importantly, do you? x

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Hi Alison, I get your concern! The Seabobs are powerd with buttons, so as soon as you release your hands they will stop moving forward. They will therefore not go out of your reach! & you can control your own speed with it, so it can be comfortable for anybody. Thank you for giving this a read! ❤


Wow . It’s breathtaking pictures and fun. I never see this before. I also want to try this adventure but I am not very much comfortable with water. But this Seabobs seems great thing.I will surely visit the Caribbean not just because it is one of the most colorful, beautiful places but to try seabob adventure to one day.

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I’ve never seen one of these before?!? I’m not the world’s biggest fan of water but I’d love to give something like this a go. The fact that you can go above and underwater is just an added bonus. Although I haven’t been to the Caribbean yet, riding a Seabob will be high on my list when I do finally go!

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