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African Night at the Curaçao Ostrich Farm

One of Curaçao’s most unique experiences I’ve had so far is at the Curaçao Ostrich Farm. Every Friday they host their Great African Night Special – and oh my, Fridays are indeed for the adventurous! Two out of the ordinary tours, a selection of the cutest & most peculiar animals (crocodiles, monkeys and of course the ostriches) & in the end an African inspired 3 course menu at their restaurant Zambezi. See & read the full experience right here on Niekartistiek!

The Curaçao Ostrich Farm is located at the North Eastern part of the island – a bit off road & therefore totally different than what you’ll see while beach hoping or on a cruise through the city center. I got picked up between 3 – 3.30 PM and couldn’t be more excited for this adventurous afternoon!

📸 by Niekartistiek
Aloë Vera Farm

The Aloe Vera Plantation

First stop: The Aloe Vera Plantation. This farm stretches for miles with aloe vera plants as far as the eye can see. An amazing fact about this company is that all the products they produce, are 100% home made. The farm is therefore very biological and makes a lot of super healthy products for skincare, bathing & even healthy juices to help with different types of ailments. We got to try & taste a freshly cut leaf of Aloe. Fun fact: the aloe is not green but see through & it’s more of a gel than a juice. Tastes a bit bitter, but it is super healthy & good for you!

One of their most used products on Curaçao has to be their after sun screen. It works wonders! I can speak of my own experiences here – living in a Caribbean paradise occasionally comes with some fire red tan lines.. Curaloe is my absolute favorite in those times of need!

📸 by Niekartistiek
Safari Tour

The Curaçao Ostrich Farm Safari Tour

Next up is the famous Safari Tour at the Curaçao Ostrich Farm. Hop on their Safari Jeep and be driven around by amazing tour guide Alex! This drive takes about 40 minutes and every second is more than worth it. You’ll learn to distinguish facts from fables & get to know how this farm keeps their interns busy 😉

My favorite part of this tour would be the feeding of the ostriches. Hungry big fella’s who are eager to take a bite out of the food you’re holding up.

Note for the daredevils here: you can also book an ostrich ride!

📸 by Niekartistiek
Curacao Ostrich Farm

No worries, this tour is way too much fun to spoil further around. Just make sure to book their Safari Tour, highly recommended, either with this Friday African Night Special or during any other day.

Back to this amazing African Night experience – since you’re on this farm anyway it’s time for some extra exploring!

📸 by NiekartistiekThe Animals

As mentioned before, the farm has a lot of animals. When I say a lot, I truly mean a lot! I believe there are more extraordinary animals here than in Curaçao’s own zoo – just that fact alone makes it worth a visit!

They have the cute regular farm animals like goats, a cow, lots of ugly duckling (kidding, their adorable too), cats, and lots and lots of birds. Think of parrots in all colors imaginable, peacocking peacocks and so on. Oh, and don’t forget the emu’s & of course the famous African ostriches! At the moment of our visit they even had an Ostrich Baby named Thabisha, which means ‘She will bring joy’ in South African. How cute is that?!

📸 by Niekartistiek
Nile Crocodile at Curacao Ostrich Farm

As for the more extraordinary animals.. they have two Nile crocodiles! These giant predators come straight, same as the ostriches, out of Africa. There also is a boa snake, and they’ve got my personal favorite: squirrel monkeys! I am in love with these adorable creatures. Can I take one home?

Pro tip: put your finger within reach but not within the cage: they will grab for it to hold your hand! *Shrieks in excitement* Might bite tho but if you play it safe the experience is merely a cute one 😉

Restaurant Zambezi

After such an adventurous day we were welcomed at their restaurant Zambezi with one of their signature cocktails. While we sipped our drinks and loved the Moroccan Flatbread with a bell pepper dip you could walk around further, enjoy the wild raging campfire & a breathtaking view of the st. Joris baai while the sun sets.

📸 by Niekartistiek
Moroccan Flatbread

Our night continued with delicious bites of more African inspired dishes. We picked the pumpkin soup (so yummy) and the ostrich carpaccio. For our mains we tried the ostrich steak (not only super healthy but also super tasty) and one of their signature tortilla’s. For dessert we indulged in a piece of their cheesecake & chocolate mouse. Um to the yum!

This restaurant is all about the details. Not only their dishes, but also their wine menu has a signature touch. All wines on it are exclusively from South Africa. I say cheers to that!

The great thing about this tour package is that pick up & drop off is included. When on a holiday or even while your here for a while it’s perfect that you don’t need to bother about transportation. So after the event you don’t need to worry about getting home. Around 8 PM the driver was ready to drop us off.

Long story short, I think you now might get why I am super excited about this event. The Great African Night special is an extraordinary experience which I can highly recommend to anyone who finds them selfs on Curaçao.

You can book this tour through here or give them a call via +5999 747 2777.

Enjoy! Please say hi to my little furry friends 😉

46 replies on “African Night at the Curaçao Ostrich Farm”

Hi Patricia, if you can, you definitely should! Yes they are super adorable & have been my favorite animals from since I was a child – you can imagine how excited this hand holding experience must have been! Thank you!


Africa has always been on my bucket list of places to travel to, because of the variety of animals there! Your photos are beautiful, especially of the peacock and the ostrich. Ostriches are one of my favorite animals, I think because they look so funny with their long necks and their faces 🙂 This looks like an awesome experience, and if I ever get to travel there, I am definitely going to need to check this out!


I still would love to visit Africa as well! Luckily the Curacao Ostrich Farm gives us a little taste of how an African adventure can feel like 😉 Thank you so much! And yes they do look rather funny with their long necks – the ostrich babies are very cute too! If you ever find yourself in the Caribbean, make sure to hop by the Curacao Ostrich Farm!


What an adventure! I happened to visit an Ostrich farm sometimes back and what I loved most was feeding them and back-riding the ostrich! Well, I am the daredevil no doubt! Ha-ha! Anyway, Curacao Farm seems too fun, especially with all those animals and the yummy foods and wine you had to take! Wow!

Liked by 1 person

In Kenya, a farm called ‘Mamba Village’. It is one of the very attractive sites mind you and too much animals are kept there especially crocodiles. Oh yes! The ride was too fun you bet…haha! Although i was screaming with joy ! Ha-ha!

Liked by 1 person

I’d love to visit Africa too! So lucky that the Caribbean provide us with this option of having an African experience here on Curaçao. Before I moved here I’d never been out of Europe as well – it has been such an amazing adventure so far! Best thing you can do with planning such trips is to just go & enjoy the ride!


This looks like a really good experience. How awesome to visit a Ostrich farm! I am not sure i’d be brave enough to have a Ostrich ride though. It looks like you had a really lovely time.

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I didn’t even realise that it was possible to ride ostriches although I am not sure if I would do it because of potential animal cruelty but nevertheless it is amazing that you were able to see so maniy beautiful animals in person. And I loved the sound of the pumpkin soup and cheesecake. Delicious!

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Hi Ana! I totally get that, luckily the tour guide ensured us that an ostrich can carry weight up to 200 KG without harming them (: Yes all those animals were amazing to meet! And to complete this African inspired experience with an African cuisine was the best final touch of such an adventurous event!


Whoa, to see a Nile Crock would have been awesome just by itself! But the Ostrich farm in Curaçao looks amazing. I always thought ostriches were mean birds but its cool that you got up close to feed them. The Aloe Vera farm looks like a lot of fun. I love seeing places like that in foreign countries as you learn how the culture develops their main money making crop! Sounds like a great trip!

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Hi Eric, thanks! It was pretty epic to see those crocodiles! This tour is not only fun, but I learned a lot as well – pretty cool indeed to see how one of my favorite product is being made at the Curaloe Farm & meet so many animals in the process. Seeing these kind of places are truly one of the most amazing things about traveling!


I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon! Along the way to one of our favorite state parks, there is a farm where they have a couple of ostriches. At first, I couldn’t figure out what they were, but once we realized, they’re now one of our favorite attractions. They’re silly and awkward and are the funniest when they’re running after one another! xx

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This ostrich farm looks like so much fun! I loved discovering your experiences at this “African Night” event. The pictures are beautiful, and it feels like we were with you on your adventure. Thanks!

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