Nikky Rademaker

Filmmaker, Designer, Marketeer. With Niekartistiek I go beyond storytelling.

My story began when I first discovered my passion for social media & marketing while living in Curaçao (2016). To dive deeper I worked to get my Bachelor of Science in Communication & Multimedia Design (Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, 2018-2022), which I graduated with a GPA of 4.0 .

With creative marketing I conceptualise stories for brands, campaigns & events. I specialise in storytelling beyond the narrative, creating new ways to show and tell.

I can’t wait to work on your next creative challenge. In a nutshell, I love telling (your) stories in a creative way!



As an award winning filmmaker I know my way around a set. Be it pre-productional and very involved with planning and getting things done, or on set as director, DOP, or part of the creative team. For post-production I can help out with sound design and editing.

Marketing & Campaign

Let’s put your brand, product or event in the spotlights of your target audience. By copywriting, creating campaigns or online content management. Let’s set the tone of voice, amplify your online presence and identity with a customised social media plan.

Blogging & Influencing

With a social following of over 13.000, Niekartistiek is a growing brand where I share my experiences and where I feature brands who can benefit from my large readership. Features & collaborations are a wonderful way of getting your brand out there!

Visual Storytelling

As an experienced photographer & videographer I can create, edit and deliver the perfect visual to tell your story with details and creativity. These skills can be hired for marketing purposes, photoshoots or events.

Digital Content Design

As communication & multimedia designer I can design content such as posters, logo’s, infographics, animations, webdesign and more. With experience in the Adobe Cloud programs I’ll take your on- and offline content to the next creative level.