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Prague Travelogue: The One Week Experience

Prague is an one of a kind kind of city. You can find this mesmerizing capital in the heart of Czech Republic. It’s not a too crowded travel destination, often easily overlooked while booking. I’d never been before, but I wished I’d discover it sooner! Prague is definetaly one of Europe’s hidden gems – a must visit for fellow travelers!

This post will focus on the things to see, what to do & where to go for a bite or two.

What to see

Prague (or “Praha” as the locals call it) is filled with breathtaking architecture. Especially when walking downtown Praha you can just stroll around and be amazed by your suroundings.

Get off the beaten track and on the cobblestone streets. For whoever has a soft spot for co-excisting architectural styles: Prague is the place to go. A personal re-occuring favorite of mine is the Rococo (late Baroque with french elements). It goes so well with the Renaisance & Gothic styles that this city has to offer as well. For those of you who like Moorish Revival, Romanesque or an Emperial style, Prague has that covered too.

📸 by Niekartistiek

Old Town Square – Clock Tower

The Old Town Square is not only resident for the local food market, but also attracts a lot of travellers to see the Astronomical Clock Tower. Legend has it that the people thought the tower was so beautiful, they blinded the clockmaster who constructed it in order to disable him to ever make something that beautiful again. Talk about a juicy folklore story!

St. Vitus Cathedral

A trip to Prague isn’t complete without taking a look up close towards the oldest burcht of Europe.

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St. Vital Cathedral

Karlov Most (Charles Bridge)

Prague is probably know most for it’s famous bridge. Fun fact, did you know that the name of the Bridge changes due to what langues pronounces it? For example, the locals call it Karlov Most, in English it’s know as Charles Bridge and in Dutch we call it Karels Brug. What’s it called in your language? Let me know in the comments!

📸 by Niekartistiek
Karluv Most (St. Charles Bridge)

What to Do

Museum of Senses

While in Prague you should definitely hit up the Museum of Senses! It’s fun, colourful & full of mindbending tricks. Had a lot of fun there!

DOX Museum

The DOX Museum is a place you should go to if you’re into modern architecture. It wasn’t my favourite part of this trip, but if it’s your cup of tea you could definitely visit.


When planning your trip to Prague, you can’t miss the mention of their Trdelni’k! It’s a typical Czech treat straight from the chimney, filled with chocolate! Wish I had one right now..


Getting Around

Getting around this city is easy. They have an amazing metro & tram network throughout the whole city. Even tho we stayed at the Plus Hostel (which was at the outer corner of the city) we managed to get easily & pretty fast in the city centre where all the buzz & the fuzz was happening. The tickets are pretty cheap and the easiest thing to do is to get a combination ticket for a couple of days, so you can just hop on and off the metro / tram system day & night.

Cheers to the weekend!

In our neigbourhood there was a fun Poolcafe with games, drinks & lots of pooltables. Our group had quite the fun there!

Karlijn & Cuba Libre

Club Epic

This place was pretty… epic! This place really ticks off all the boxes for a propper club night.

Beer Tour

The Czech are known for their beer consumption. A pubcrawl & beertour is the best way to get to know fellow travelers & to try the local drafts, such as GREEN BEER. So as the locals say, Na Zdravi! (Cheers!)

Where to eat / Drink

I’ll not bore you guys with a list of ALL the places I’ve eaten this week. But I coudn’t resist recommending the highlights of the Praha cuisine!

Mistral Cafe

Mistral Cafe

My absolute favourite restaurant throughout this trip has to be the Mistral Cafe. We shared 3 vegetarian dishes here and they are definitely the best I’ve eaten on this trip. Furthermore, this place looks amazing! Your surrounded by plants – what else do you need?

Fat Cat

The name alone makes you stop your stroll & take a look inside. This burger bar serves quality burgers for the verrrrrry hungry traveler (the burgers are HUGE). Bon Apetit!

Twenty 7

This cute little bar has a daily changing menu. I was fortunate enough to try their fresh Gnocci! The ambiance here is great and perfect for an afternoon filled with coffee and more.

Phill’s Corner

Another cute bistro is Phill’s Corner. It has a fresh interior & food to die for. If you’re up for it, take a look at their daily pies. They are irresistible!

Haru Sushi & Asian Restaurant

Coconut Shrimp Curry. Do I need to say more?

Coconut Shrimp Curry

Prague has a special place in my heart (& as you could see, in my tummy as well). A week well spent! What are your takeaways from your (upcoming) trip to Praha? Let me know!