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From beer(s) to performance

Ready to serve Rock ‘n Roll​

I am in love with the power of music. This experience has been the kick-off of my performing adventures as a – although I did a cover – Singer&Songwriter. Jep, this is a story of my very first unscheduled live performance. EVER.

A crazy night of celebration was what brought us one of the best nights I’ve had so far in Nijmegen (The Netherlands). It started with a great pubcrawl, we had laughs, stories and a lot of “Cheers!” through the whole night. We ended up at this wonderful Rock ‘n Roll bar Dollars. It was crowded, but in the right way.

The live music was terrifically awesome. Some very good choirs (even one from Harvard, you should google them, the Harvard Krokodiloes , Harvards oldes A Capella singing group) and some performances which I really wished to be on my Spotify playlist. Was standing in the front row and had a little chat with one of the singers. Told her I play guitar once in a while and did a little singing. After encouraging peptalks (and lots of beers!) later, I found the courage to answer the one question she asked on stage: “Nikky, would you like to perform on stage?!”

1492512_649748721749877_1193885279_oThe crowd was yelling, calling my name, and before I even could consider if it even was a good idea (that probably was the beer doing its job) I stepped on stage. This spontaneous action consisted: a random guitar in my hands and go with the flow! It was pretty amazing and definitely awesome to do.

Sang some Norah Jones and Oasis, and the crowd loved it. It gave me the most epic feeling in the world, and an even better feeling afterwards, when some random people said some really nice things about me and what I just did.

Had an incredible experience and an unforgettable night. Reliving this night has already put a smile on my face again. This experience is what made me pursue more of my music dreams, and even got me to perform more often while I was still in The Netherlands.

Every dream starts somewhere.

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Travel & War

Why I love to travel by train


He was helping his father in the music company where he liked to write down the music. How suddenly the sound of flying planes arrived and how quickly he’d to run away, out of the shop. How his dad asked him to stay in the bombshelter. But how curious he was and how excited about seeing the planes. He saw the bomb and its destruction which wiped out the whole music shop. Nothing was left of it. He was a lucky guy, cause he survived.

He stopped for a little while before he continued. He told me about his ride to school, on his bike. How one day changed it all. He heard screaming, shouting. Again his curiosity brought him in a difficult situation. A hard one. He went toward the yelling sound, but before he could see what it was about, he was pulled of his bike. The German soldier put him in a line, with about 15 other man. They had to stand side by side with their backs against the wall. He was surrounded by German soldiers, with their rifles in their hands. He said he couldn’t remember being ever that scared.

The man next to him whispered: “This is bad, this is really bad”. He must have looked really scared, cause one of the soldiers grabbed him. He started yelling at him: “Weg! Weg! Zur Schule!!” and after a pat on the head and a hard push he let him go. He run and run and kept running towards his bike, and the moment he turned around, he saw all the man in line getting killed with loud shattering shots.

Later he learned that the man who had grabbed him out of the line was no other than the highest German officer in his hometown. He was told that the German officer has been attacked at a bar, but wasn’t harmed. Out of pure anger and revenge the German soldiers had gathered all the innocent men they could find and killed them in that specific line.

I noticed that his bright blue eyes turned wet. He added, he still doesn’t know how to feel. Should he feel anger and hate against the officer, for killing all these innocent men? Whether he was grateful, that he is still alive?

97a6vI was speechless. And when the train stopped, it was hard to say goodbye to this kind man, even though I just met him half an hour ago. Strange isn’t it, how a stranger becomes so much more in just a couple of minutes. How a passenger can open your eyes, and not only let you look, but allows you to see.

Even if there are some question marks left, you can still enjoy life and make the best of it. Not everything is good or bad. Right or wrong. Black or white. Sometimes its just the big gray mess in between.


Let’s get this blogging started!

Hi there!

Welcome to my very first blog post! – Excitement overload –

Over a year ago I decided to turn it all around and move to the other side of the world. Dropping everything that was holding me back from the greatest adventure of my life. Never had I ever been outside Europe. Here I am, almost more than a year later, living the Caribbean ‘dushi’ life.

I’ve met so many extraordinary people, had a lot of amazing adventures & discovered so many incredible places.

This is me sharing those experiences with you. And all adventures yet to come (and trust me, there are a lot of exciting things coming up very soon).

Stay tuned!

With love,