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4 Favorite London Spots

Visiting your best friend is always a good idea. Visiting her while she is living in London even better! London offers so many exciting opportunities, it is almost impossible to enjoy all of its delights. Especially when you have just 6 days to fit everything in.

We all know the must see’s in a city like this. If you go sight seeing, for sure you’ve thought about the Big Ben, Kensington Palace, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge and so on. Al great to have seen, for sure. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with postcard worthy pictures!

Let’s give you a sneak peak into a more edgy, urban London, the London not all tourist are lucky enough to discover.

Here are my London highlights;

Camden Town

I could’ve literally spend a whole day at the markets in Camden Town; from vintage clothing, to antiques, beautiful jewelry, delicious food, and everything in between at reasonable (often cheap) prices. Or by just watching all the people passing by. Everybody walked around owning their own personality and style.

Camden Town itself offers some real eye-candy; from extraordinary graffiti – including a few Banksy gems – to stores covered in statues of dragons and angels. While you’re at it, visit Cyberdog; not only for its neon selling products but also for the futuristic style the whole shop has been decorated in. It’s like walking into a 22nd century nightclub.

Camden Town is a place like no other and should definitely be visited while in London.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater

Although it’s a replica of the original, it’s a great place to see the Shakespeare plays performed as how they were written to be performed. During my visit we’ve seen Hamlet, and I loved how this Danish Tragedy all worked with the Elizabethan Style stage. A Shakespeare classic in only two and a half hours; more than worth it.

Hyde Park

If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, head to Hyde Park for a break. It’s a wonderful place to get away, enjoy a picnic or to have some drinks with friends. Especially during the summer it’s the perfect spot to obtain some rare strokes of sunshine while laying there and enjoying your perfect day at the park.

If you’re lucky enough there will be a festival hosted and you can even enjoy its music! I was lucky enough to hear the Rolling Stones – unfortunately not see them – but nevertheless a wonderful experience.

East – London

When we got off the tube I thought we were totally lost. But after only one foot into Brick Lane, just one look, I was flabbergasted. Vintage shops as the Blitz, second hand bookstores & people who were wearing the most creative outfits. Besides that there where so many art galleries. Actually everywhere you looked, you saw a piece of art. Almost every single brick created this artistic image. It’s one of the more urban & expressive area’s of London.

Fell in love again with one of the most beautiful cities I ever visited. London has got it’s own style and its own way to inspire people. Gotta love London! ♥

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